Volkswagen joins Hyundai in the race towards urban flight

The race is on to create the world’s first production urban air vehicle.

In a recent interview from Volkswagen Group China, CEO Stephan Wöllenstein teased future mobility concepts to Chairman of the Management Board at VAG, Herbert Diess, stating that the Chinese branch of the automaker is looking to develop drones that are licensed to operate in China.

Recent statements made by the company state that taking to the skies “could be a next step to take our mobility approach into the future”, with the company already “investigating potential concepts and partners in a feasibility study to identify the possibility to industrialize this approach.”

Volkswagen isn’t the first to research the viability of vertical mobility, as it joins the ever expanding list of manufacturers who have begun working on flight. Hyundai for example has been heavily invested in spaceflight, as well as working with Incheon International Airport to develop urban air mobility systems.

Hyundai has already partnered with the UK government to create a drone airport hub for future eVTOL urban aircraft, pioneering in the field of future mobility, and their progess has taken the interests of other car manufacturers such as General Motors, Porsche and Aston Martin, who are also now in the process of developing concepts related to the unmanned vertical take-off and landing passenger drone.

After the recent statements made by Volkswagen, its possible that the world’s second largest carmaker could soon be the next major competitor in the race for urban air mobility.

AutoNews Australia

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