LEGO releases a stunning brick 911 Turbo Creator set for Porsche enthusiasts

It’s a bit smaller than the real thing, but it would make for a nice present.

A brand new Porsche 911 is an expensive investment. It’s one that takes a lot of thought for most people before they pull the trigger, priced at a substantial $229,100 AUD in entry specification. For most of us, that kinda price tag is out of reach – so luckily for us, the lads over at famous Danish toy company LEGO have something a bit more accessible.

For car enthusiasts eager to purchase a Porsche 911 at some point in their life, why not fast-track that?

Offering two packages in one – a 911 Turbo and 911 Targa, LEGO’s new Porsche brick model might not deliver the driving exhilaration of a life-size 911, but it still delivers 1,458 pieces of fun for any buyer. If you get bored of the Turbo per se, you can modify it and recreate the open-top variant.

The interior engine bay is rather detailed, displaying the famous air-cooling fan on both variants, and even going as far to add a brick representation of a turbocharger and intercooler on the Turbo variant – now that’s cool. All driveline components down to the position of the engine in proportion to the rear axle have been reproduced accurately and to an acute level of detail.

The whale-tail spoiler of the Turbo is also well proportioned, but we’d assume with the amount of research and development that likely went into the project – we shouldn’t be too surprised.

When the roof from the 911 Targa is removed, it can be safely stored in the bonnet/front storage compartment – revealing the classic interior; and adding complexity to the build, the LEGO 911 features functional steering and a working gear stick, as well as semi-adjustable front seats and the classic park brake lever.

The LEGO Porsche 911 will be available in early access starting February 16th for VIP loyalty program members, releasing to store shelves on the 1st of March. All VIP members are also able to purchase a limited edition package that comes bundled with a certificate of ownership, a card wallet and four old Porsche advertisements in poster form.

The set will be released in Porsche’s 2-in-1 Creator Expert line of builds, and will come with a price tag of $149.99 USD in the United States. LEGO is yet to announce pricing for international markets at the time of writing.

AutoNews Australia

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