Honda’s 3rd Place VAN concept is the coolest cafe on wheels

A fun take on the food van.

The 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon wasn’t able to be held physically this year, so instead, many great Japanese marques took some of their unique cars to the online interface. One of Honda’s debuts that caught the eye of many was a modified N-Van which Honda calls the ‘3rd Place VAN’ for an unknown reason.

The exterior panels are dressed up in stainless steel, and the side has been decorated with a cafe-style awning – but as cool the outside may be, its the interior that really stands out with an entire take-away cafe fitted including decorative lights, cutlery and even a little menu stand with food and drink.

Being a Kei car, the Honda N-Van based mobile cafe is likely powered by the same 660cc triple found in the standard N-Van, and other driveline and design components also remain persistent from the headlights and grille to the tiny wheels with extremely thin tyres.

Alongside the N-Van, Honda also revealed the ‘HEV Crosstar’, a hatchback built to tackle offroad surfaces, made evident by its unpainted plastic panels, raised suspension and steel wheels with all-terrain tyres. Additionally, the Crosstar has been fitted with a roof-rack for carrying extra supplies on rugged camping trips.

Both these vehicles remain concepts for now and it’s unlikely that Honda will make production variants, but either way – its an interesting showcase for a manufacturer to skip on the seriousness of the automotive industry and put a fun spin on things.

AutoNews Australia

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