This Corvette’s engine blew up after just 92 kilometres

That can’t be a good image for the brand.

Everyone knows by now that the latest mid-engine Corvette is an absolute winner in terms of bang-for-buck performance and capability. With a jaw-dropping 0-60mph acceleration time of under 3 seconds from its 495 horsepower, 6.2 litre V8, the numbers seem bewildering when adding in the car’s base price of just $59,995 USD.

Unfortunately, a low price tag usually comes at the cost of something, and for the C8, reliability and build quality may not be its strongest suit. Many reports have come from owners of their brand new Corvettes about their hoods unlatching, brakes failing, and even gearboxes failing before the car even covers 100 miles.

To make things worse, another failure has been recorded – and this time, the C8 Corvette’s engine – blowing with just 57 miles on the odometer!

Facebook: Michael Crummer

General Motors say that they are aware of the issues present, admitting late last year that the engines suffer from “possible broken valve springs”, so its likely that as the C8 continues along its production timeline, problems will be resolved. It’s not uncommon to see issues coming from first production year cars, but its pretty worrying to think that a brand new high performance car like the blisteringly fast C8 Corvette could prove to be such a ticking time bomb.

It does seem strange that an engine failure like this one occurred, as the LT2 found in the Vette is similar to the LT1 found in the Camaro – but either way we’ll just hope that GM has a plan to resolve all the issues found in the 2020 models.

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