M5 CS: The fastest and most powerful BMW road car headed down under

The bridge between luxury sedan and supercar has collapsed.

BMW recently unveiled the stunning M5 CS, a German muscle saloon out to dominate the competition (pun intended) – and for those wo haven’t heard of it yet, under the new power bulge in the bonnet sits the standard M5 and M5 Competition’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, but tuned up to a whopping 467kW (626hp) of power and 750Nm of torque.

Following the earlier CS badged variants of the M2, M3 and M4, the new M5 CS sets out to provide a sharper and more visceral experience for those onboard – even more so than the already hardcore M5 Competition.

A 0-100km/h time of just 3.0 seconds and a top speed of over 300km/h, the new CS shaves a liberal 0.3 seconds off the M5 Competition – but that’s on paper. Considering on-road tests of the Competition proved that it was capable of sub-3 second acceleration times, we expect the CS to be fast. Real fast. Obviously, the CS has more to give than just raw specifications though, with a variety of weight reduction means landing it in at just shy of 1.8 tonnes – which is very impressive for an all-wheel drive V8 powered luxury saloon.

Carbon fibre replaces many components found on lesser M5 variants, most notably the roof – but also not limited to the front and rear diffusers, mirrors, vented bonnet, bootlid spoiler and even small details such as the engine cover.

Besides the weight saving, the raw power of the M5 CS may sit just 7kW higher than the M5 Competition, but its enough to dub the new flagship 5er as the fastest and most powerful road car in the history of BMW, period.

The performance of the M5 CS is near unmatched, but its the daily usability that really sells it as the ultimate all-rounder.

The interior reminds everyone that the new M5 CS isn’t chasing the E63 S AMG from Bavaria’s Stuttgart rival. With a new suspension tune built for the Nürburgring and the removal of the rear middle seat, its clear that the CS aims directly for Mercedes-AMG’s own flagship lap-record holding GT 63 S.Upholstered in leather and alcantara, the front headrests have a map of the Nürburgring Nordschleife embroided on them, with coloured accents around the seats – and a matching ‘CS’ logo above the glovebox.

On the mechanical side in addition to the suspension tune, the CS receives minor treatment under the bonnet, including new engine mounts with ratings of 900N/mm² (newtons per mm), and an added oil pan sump. Adding to performance, the CS gains six-piston carbon ceramic brakes as standard, surrounded by new gold coloured 20″ forged alloy wheels and staggered 275/35 front, 285/35 rear Pirelli tyres.

The bridge between supercar and luxury sedan is ever so fading, and with an on-road cost of A$305,900 drive-away, the M5 CS is a flagship that showcases BMW’s capability for this new decade’s ICE engineering – and proves a stark contrast to their future promised by the electric division.Orders are now available via BMW’s website, and only a $5,000 deposit is required to secure one of the 20 units heading down under.

AutoNews Australia

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