This 90-year-old petrolhead bought himself a brand new C8 Corvette

What a way to celebrate a 90th birthday.

Its always wholesome to see elderly petrolheads purchasing their dream cars – and its no different for US Air Force Veteran and Corvette fan Chuck Cook, who determined that its nearing his last chance to purchase a car of his dreams. After owning three Corvettes in the past, he decided to go out and purchase yet another Corvette – this time a brand-new 2021 Stingray Coupe.

According to the Daily Commercial, the 90-year-old didn’t want his age to prevent him from having fun, so as a birthday present to himself, this American sports car marks the fourth Corvette he’s owned in his lifetime, with Cook stating “I can’t wait until the pandemic is over so I can get this to all the car shows.”

Credit: Cindy Peterson/Daily Commercial

The delivery day was heartwarming with Cook’s wife, friends and even members of the Corvette club showing up to witness the veteran pick up his Vette – and the smile on his face as detailed by the photos makes this all the more uplifting.

The Corvette in question is the first C8 to reach the Leesburg Chevrolet dealership in Florida, equipped with the Z51 Performance Package, spec’d in red with an Adrenaline Red interior and Stirling Silver wheels.

Following three Corvettes owned by Cook in the past, he first owned a 1981 model, before trading to a 2001 followed by a 2014. A representative from the dealership said “it was great being able to celebrate with him for his upcoming birthday and also have the first 2021 Corvette to come here.”

Now at age 90, Cook has been driving Corvettes for 40 years – and if that’s not proof that you’re never too old to do what you love – we don’t know what is.

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