Lew from Unbox Therapy has purchased a Taycan Turbo S

Famous tech YouTuber Lewis George Hilsenteger, aka Unbox Therapy, buys the quickest EV saloon on the planet.

A successful YouTube channel can without a doubt be a high paying career, and Canadian based channel ‘Unbox Therapy’ is just another example of where persistent content creation can get you. Following British Columbia based channel Linus Tech Tips who recently upgraded from a ‘riced out’ pink Honda Civic to a Tesla Model 3 – Lew from Unbox Therapy has bought into the electric tech world of cars by purchasing a top-of-the-line Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

Spec’d as close as possible to the original launch Mission E concept, Lew has opted for a white exterior with twin 5-spoke black wheels and white outlines – the closest factory option to the whacky alloys found on the concept – and as Lew calls it, a tribute to the Mission E. Equipped with the standard carbon ceramic brakes with yellow calipers, the Turbo S fast, but its the acceleration figure that surprises. 0-100km/h figures stand at 2.8 seconds, but real world testing has shown the Taycan to be able to out-pace even the Tesla Model S P100D’s 2.4 seconds.

Being a tech YouTuber, Lew is very quick to point out the technological features of the car, going through little details that are otherwise missed on specification sheets.

For the enthusiast, Lew prefers an electric car to still feel like a car, as when talking about the Tesla Model 3, he commented on Teslas looking a little emotionless when compared to the Porsche, stating “I wanted a car that was emotional from a driving perspective, and I realise [the Model 3] is lacking a tremendous amount of functionality on a software side with all of that autonomous stuff. I mean, that stuff is hard. It’s a whole different set of sensors, and its a whole different software team, and Tesla is so far ahead of everyone else in that particular category that Porsche was just like – maybe lets not try yet, maybe lets just do an electric version of some of the stuff we’re kind of currently doing and see how that goes”

“When I’m looking at this car; the way it drives and the way that it feels – for the time being, I want to drive it. I don’t care so much about being driven. For right now, for me, this just happened to be my preference. This just happened to have the emotional impact on me to finally pull the trigger on an electric vehicle.”

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