Sydney driver’s awful attempt at doing a burnout results in his AMG burning out

He had won the car in a raffle just last year.

In perhaps the world’s stupidest attempt at doing a burnout, the driver of a black Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe decided he wanted to be the centre of attention while at wedding in Sydney. So what better way to show off than to do an epic burnout in the middle of the street with your 375kW twin-turbo V8 powered AMG?

Unfortunately, either the car’s traction control or a lack of competence prevented him from doing so, resulting in the C63 remaining basically stationary while revving the engine out in gear. And for those who’ve never seen how bad this can be for your transmission – watch and learn.

Lets put it quite simply as – that was just about the dumbest thing one could ever do in a car. Unfortunately for the owner, not only has he lost his A$100,000+ car – pure embarrassment and online shaming isn’t even the worst of the aftermath, as he is due in court in March to face dangerous driving and negligent driving charges.

Credit: AAuburn_2144

According to NSW Police, the driver initially claimed that the car “had caught fire while being driven down the road”, but with so many people filming at the time of the incident, the truth was bound to come out. No doubt after further inquiries were made, the police found the video footage.

Fortunately, the owner likely won’t be losing too much, as he won the car from an LMCT+ raffle just last year – but unfortunately for the car, it looks to be a total write-off, and getting insurance to pay out for that incident might be a difficult task.

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