BMW dubbed a Lamborghini V10 sound over an M2 advert and the internet went wild

Who honestly thought this would be a good idea?

BMW has been the source of controversy for some months now. From insensitively Tweeting about the pandemic to push the BMW i8, attacking older folk in a Tweet about the iX SUV and dividing the car community with the release of the 4-Series & M3/M4, 2020 wasn’t a great year for many passionate enthusiasts of the Bavarian brand.

BMW didn’t end it there either, leaving 2020 and starting 2021 with more controversy over a video they posted celebrating the new year.

The company posted a video recently fare-welling 2020, using the BMW M2 Coupe as the visual – and that’s all well and fine, until you switch on the audio. As most enthusiasts are well aware, the M2 is powered by BMW’s iconic turbo inline-six, but the audio from the advertisement was nothing of the like.

We’ll let you have a listen for yourself, but it clearly depicted the sound of a V10, borrowed from BMW’s competitors at Volkswagen Group.

The last time BMW made a V10 was the incredible S85 found in the E60 M5 and E63 M6 – a true gem of an engine, but to dub a Audi/Lamborghini V10 over the sound of a straight-six M2… Well lets just say it certainly left the internet unimpressed.

The video has since been deleted by BMW USA, however unfortunately for the marketing department, its already been shared around by many users of the internet.

Watch it for yourself here:

Turbo Tabloid

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