The pilot-inspired Sport Les Légendes du Ciel is the best Bugatti Chiron ever

A beautiful tribute to aviation.

Special editions are common across the board in the motoring industry. Following the trend, French automaker Bugatti is no stranger to special editions, with many exclusive variants of every model produced. The latest instance of this is the new Chiron Sport Les Légendes du Ciel – a homage to skilled aviators with ties to the company.

“With the exclusive edition “Les Légendes du Ciel”, BUGATTI pays homage to the unique and fruitful relationship between our founder and France’s legendary pilots and race car drivers Louis Blériot, Roland Garros, Robert Benoist, Bartolomeo Costantini, and Albert Divo.”

Ettore Bugatti was always fond of aviation. Designer of aircraft engines, the company’s founder’s dream was embodying aircraft design into the road car. Agile, light and fast, Bugatti’s designs awed pilots – and the historical link between aviation and racing has stuck in the brand’s history ever since.

Referencing the colour of classical aircraft from the early 1900s, the Les Légendes du Ciel ‘Legends of Heaven’ has been painted in matte ‘Gris Serpent’ grey. The colours of the French flag are coloured under the doors, the side skirts are made from exposed carbon fibre; and the front radiator grille is made from laser-cut aluminium, designed to resemble the pattern pilots take when flying in parade formation.

A large ‘runway’ white stripe spans the length of the car, running down the centre from front to rear and onto the double wing – which is made to resemble the Nieuport 17 biplane. Logos are embedded onto the front fenders, shaped as a propeller with ‘Le Légendes du Ciel’ lettering applied. Customers who want that extra touch of aviation can also option a ‘Sky View’ glass roof for added sky visibility.

The interior follows the aviation theme, finished in brown ‘Gaucho leather’ which Bugatti states is “as fine and yet as robust as the original Nieuport 17’s cockpit.” The seat stiching follows the parade formation pattern, and the logo can be found on the seat head rests and in the centre console. Additionally, a hand-sketched drawing of the biplane and Bugatti’s first success in motorsport – the Type 13, are etched into the door panels.

The engine and drivetrain remains the same as the standard Chiron Sport, a 1103kW (1479hp), 1600Nm W16 engine, displaced at 8.0 litres and powering the car onto an electronically limited top speed of 420km/h.

The exclusive special edition will begin production by the end of 2020, and only 20 units will be produced.

AutoNews Australia

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