The GR Yaris is the best driving Toyota ever*

*According to Top Gear

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division has rolled out the GR Yaris as a limited run homologation model based on the marque’s WRC car, and like most successful car releases, it’s received international praise and a bit of controversy. One such motoring publication we’re all aware of – renowned BBC owned Top Gear, has just recently given the GR Yaris a full 10/10 rating, even going as far as saying that it’s the best Toyota they have ever driven. The first ever perfect score given to a consumer priced car, it joins the holy trinity (Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 & Porsche 918), McLaren 675LT and Ferrari 250 as the sixth ever car to ever receive a 10 by Top Gear.

The best Toyota we’ve ever driven.

Top Gear

Stating that driving the Yaris was the closest to driving a full-blown rally car on the road, the publication claims that it’s “the best thing for tackling a modern B-road: small and light, with punchy dynamics and a gutsy motor, it’s a deeply compelling machine”. This is a great result for fans of the economy brand, as it erks back at chairman Akio Toyota’s decree for “no more boring cars” back in 2017.

Powered by just 1.6 litres of displacement, it may not look like much – but with a massive 192kW (257hp) of power and 361Nm of torque, the GR Yaris eclipses the Fiesta ST to house the most powerful three-cylinder production engine.

Driven through a good ole’ six-speed manual, power is sent to all four wheels through what Toyota claims is the lightest AWD system on the market – and coming in at just 1,280kg, we’re inclined to believe that.

Read Top Gear’s full review at the link below:

AutoNews Australia

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