For $25 USD, BMW will use radar detectors to warn you about speed cameras

Featured as part of BMW’s ConnectedDrive digital service.

For the American market, BMW recently released a new traffic camera detection feature built into BMW’s ConnectedDrive suite, primarily used for updating drivers of upcoming speed and red-light cameras.

Labelled the Traffic Camera Information service, the system not only reads from a network of publicly available data about fixed cameras – it’s also capable of using radar and laser detectors to warn drivers of cameras around the area in real time though the digital dashboard.

Traffic Camera Information will be offered as a free three month trial on selected BMW models from 2021, and owners of cars fitted with the service will be able to purchase 15 additional months for $25 USD.

The technology draws data from HERE Technologies and Cedar Electronics.

A spokesperson for HERE Technologies stated “it’s exciting to watch BMW deliver the next generation of Over The Air services to its customers. The driving experience is being re-shaped by the power of connected, fully embedded vehicle functions and services. HERE is proud to offer the global auto industry a flexible, one stop shop platform for all of its location data, services and technology needs.”

From what we understand, this service is only available on American market cars and due to legal issues, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see this technology sold on Australian market cars.

AutoNews Australia

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