Hyundai announces NVIDIA Drive ‘connected car’ and all-new ccOS AI platform

Hyundai Motor Group teams up with NVIDIA to roll out advanced computing systems for all future Hyundai, Kia and Genesis models starting 2022.

American chip company NVIDIA has been working with South Korean conglomerate Hyundai since 2015, designing and manufacturing infotainment (IVI) systems for the marque’s higher-end luxury cars. Currently found in the Genesis G80 saloon and GV80 SUV, NVIDIA DRIVE is Hyundai’s halo computing system, enabling the marque to compete with the Germans in the connected car department.

The system seamlessly integrates audio, video, navigation and mobile connectivity, as well as artificial intelligence based services for a constantly updated feature-rich user experience Additionally, NVIDIA will be the foundation of future IVI systems to host a wide range of downloadable apps and other features, all of which increase prestige, value and customer satisfaction of each and every vehicle.

Ali Kani, Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles at NVIDIA stated “NVIDIA brought consumer electronic functionality and a graphics-rich user interface to infotainment systems more than a decade ago. Now, we are once again transforming these systems through the power of AI, helping Hyundai Motor Group increase safety and value, along with enhancing customer satisfaction, throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.”

Paul Choo, Senior Vice President of Electronics Tech Unit at Hyundai Motor Group stated “the NVIDIA DRIVE platform is proven – it is scalable, energy-efficient and has the performance to support our next generation of software-defined vehicles.”

Every car manufactured from 2022 onwards by the Hyundai Motor Group will also come with Hyundai’s connected car operating system (ccOS), which utilises a network of sensors to analyse and record data to enhance the experience for the occupants.

The ccOS incorporates an NVIDIA framework-integrated architecture for Hyundai’s new connected car service platform (ccSP), which is open to allow a wide range of Hyundai partners to deliver services to owners of the vehicles. The ccOS uses NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) to process data in substantial quantities and optimise system performance; and seamless computing mitigates interruptions in service. Hyundai states that “the vehicle connects with the surrounding infrastructure and smart devices to bring the user experience from external devices into the vehicle environment.”

Intelligent computing delivers customised services based on data collected from sensors monitoring driver behaviour and condition; and finally, secure computing protects the system from cyberattacks, with constant network monitoring and data isolation for the vehicle’s vital safety systems.

A breakthrough in vehicle technology, NVIDIA and Hyundai’s partnership has cleared the way for the next-generation of vehicle transport. AI and advanced accelerated computing has enabled the discovery of new functionality, capability and safety technology previously unavailable to the consumer, and over-the-air updating allows for a car that has the potential to remain relevant for years after its release.

AutoNews Australia

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