Ferrari has no plans to ditch the internal combustion engine

The company has long to go before the full transition to electric.

Last year, Ferrari released their first hybrid production car called the SF90 Stradale, and during its launch period, a spokesperson for the company told reporters that Ferrari had set an internal target for hybridisation – specifically for three out of every five Ferrari models by 2022. In addition to this, the spokesperson added that the company had plans to launch their first electric car by 2025 to 2030.

This has been added to in a statement made earlier this week by Ferrari’s CEO, Louis Camilleri. Discussed through an online conference call about the company’s third quarter earnings, Camilleri’s transcript reads “…my own sense is that, you know, to sort of say 100 percent electric, that’s pushing things… I really don’t see Ferrari ever being at 100 percent EV and certainly not in my lifetime will reach even 50 percent.”

It’s an undeniably odd but interesting statement to hear from Ferrari, as it would be strange for the marque to be unveiling their ‘next high-displacement supercar’ in 2040 while other carmakers have moved on to electricity. Additionally, evident from Formula 1 and cars like the LaFerrari and SF90 Stradale, it’s clear that Ferrari has its interests in hybrid and electric technology. Therefore, it would be equally strange for the marque to avoid total-electrification altogether, as realistically, theres nothing stopping Ferrari from dedicating a little extra time to the development of a full-electric system. An electric Ferrari may happen, but the company will always retain the internal combustion engine.

According to senior car analyst John Rosevear, Camilleri also voiced that “a Ferrari V12 that runs 3000 kilometres per year probably has less total emissions than a small ICE car that runs every day. We have to take that into account.”

We’re not sure what to make of this claim, but it’s clear that Ferrari’s CEO doesn’t think the company will be going 100% electric anytime soon.

AutoNews Australia

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