Set track records with the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 R

This is the fastest car Donkervoort has ever made, period.

Just over a year ago, Joop Donkervoort, the founder of Dutch track-car maker Donkervoort, celebrated his 70th birthday – and to commemorate this, the company released the bonkers D8 GTO-JD70. Fitted with an Audi 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder engine, the car was capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in a mindblowing 2.7 seconds on street tyres, as well as pull 2G lateral acceleration in corners.

That clearly wasn’t enough for the engineers though, so after some tweaking and twaddling around, meet Donkervoort’s newest arrival – the D8 GTO-JD70 R. The name might sound like a mish-mash of letters and numbers, but don’t let that fool you. This car is designed with one purpose, and that’s to obliterate any road car it comes across at the track.

Powered by the same 2.5L TFSI engine as the D8 GTO-JD70, the R variant produces an unchanged 310kW (415hp) and 520Nm of torque – and albeit still extremely light, the R is over 25 kilograms heavier than the standard JD70, weighing in at 725kg.

Although this on paper makes the car slower, it’s the fine mechanics that work together to get the R moving faster than it’s ‘lesser’ variant. The gearbox has been completely overhauled, as the older five-speed is replaced with a paddle-shift sequential six-speed for quicker shift speeds.

The entire drivetrain, from propshaft to limited-slip differential and driveshafts, have been reinforced, and the suspension has been changed for full-track attack. This includes new slick tyres, four-way adjustable dampers, 0.7mm lower ride height and stiffer components all-round, for a total lateral acceleration capable of pushing 2.25G in corners.

With the same basic braking properties as the standard D8 GTO-JD70, the new R variant makes better use the six-piston front and rear brakes, with a 12-stage race ABS system, upgraded pads and fluids. This gives the car that extra notch of agility all-weather performance.

New optional extras means that Donkervoort has “thought of everything with the JD70 R”, from quality of life additions like power steering and custom designed racing outfits, to FIA-spec fuel tanks and a kevlar-carbon-fibre fire blanket to avoid catastrophies in case of fuel spilling.

All up, Donkervoort states that the JD70 R is capable of cutting down Spa-Franchorchamps lap times down by five seconds on the standard JD70, making it a whole three seconds faster than the Koenigsegg Regera.

Pricing for the D8-GTO JD70 R starts at €198,000 ($325,750 AUD) before taxes in Europe, and the marque calls this “the most exclusive, lowest maintenance and best-supported way to go hypercar hunting on the world’s racetracks.”

AutoNews Australia

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