Ford’s semi-autonomous system launches late 2021

A rival in development to GM’s Super Cruise.

Way back in 2016, Ford announced its plan to put a fully autonomous vehicle to rival brands like Tesla on the market in 2021, and although we’re yet to understand whether or not the marque has followed through with this project – we do know that a new advancement in Ford’s technology is on the way. It’s called Active Drive Assist, and it comes to rival GM’s Super Cruise, fitted to American market cars like the Cadillac CT6.

Unlike autonomous modes found in higher end GM cars and Teslas, Ford’s system plans to introduce reasonably-priced variants found in the various F-150s and Mustang Mach-Es, starting at an economical $895 USD ($1,270 AUD) for the package and $600 USD ($852 AUD) for three years of the service. In higher-end models, the autonomous system will come standard with the car.

Similar to the GM Super Cruise, Ford’s Active Driving Assist will only be available on certain ‘Hands-Free Zones’ mapped and recognised by the system, which currently covers around 100,000 miles (161,000km) of roads throughout North America. This means that it won’t be as versatile as Tesla’s Autopilot, however on certain mapped roads, it will likely perform just as well, if not better.

The new feature will be available starting the second half of 2021, and there is no word yet about launching the system in Australia anytime soon.

AutoNews Australia

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