The world’s most robust school bus is here

Is it snowing? Too bad, cause this bus will still get you to school.

The school bus. It’s yellow, has a long bonnet, and is commonplace on the streets of many nations across the globe; and apart from the occasional drama that happens on-board, this mode of transport has never been eventful. The buses are made to take kids to and from school and that’s about it – so what would it take to make a school bus exciting?

If you want an answer to that question, then meet Czech durable truck and bus maker, Torsus, and their latest and greatest creation – the school bus.

Based off their own ‘Praetorian’ off-road truck built on a MAN chassis, this school bus is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Kitted out with a 216kW (290hp) / 1150Nm powertrain, a low-gear transfer case, elevated suspension and giant wheels with Michelin off-road tyres, the vehicle has the capability to climb mountains and cross shallow bodies of water in basically all weather conditions.

Of course it still has to do normal school bus things too (specifically ferrying around a classroom of kids), so the manufacturer has fitted the interior of the bus with seating for 35 passengers, leaving ample room for their school bags.

“The Praetorian is made to be adaptable and versatile, so naturally we are looking at other ways the bus can be used in various situations around the world. The school bus was one of the first ideas we had, as the Praetorian is a safe and solid vehicle that we know can keep its occupants protected in even the most testing of conditions. Wherever in the world customers might need a school bus solution for safely and efficiently driving on testing terrain, the Praetorian School Bus is an option that will deliver every time.” – Vakhtang Dzhukashvili, CEO of Torsus.

AutoNews Australia

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