Porsche launches the Taycan with an incredible lightshow

Porsche lights up the city of Dubai, turning the Burj Khalifa into a huge Taycan advertisement.

The Taycan is the first all-electric car from German sports car marque Porsche, and it embodies Porsche’s visage of having a ‘soul’. As the Taycan rolls out in markets around the globe, it plans to ignite petrolhead passion for the electric vehicle, embodying the best of both Porsche as a brand and its potential with battery power.

What better way to showcase this than to premiere the Taycan for the African and Middle Eastern market using the entire face of the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper?

For those who are unaware, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, located in the United Arab Emirates. Towering over the city of Dubai, it stands at an immense 830 metres to the tip, covering over 300,000 square metres of flooring and housing a staggering 57 elevators. Every single statistic about this building is astonishing.

The digital launch video was projected onto the sides of the Burj Khalifa, clear and visible from across the city and surrounds. The gigantic screen covered an area of 33,000 square metres, and spanned the entire height of the skyscraper.

You need to watch the video below. It’s absolutely jaw-dropping.

The theme of the advertisement was based around soul and electrification, featuring incredible graphics – from lighting bolts to charge indicators and building outline lighting. The video goes through a few important historical benchmarks for Porsche, from the first Lonner-Porsche to the 356, 911, 918 Spyder and 919 Hybrid, before showing the highly anticipated Taycan.

At the end, the entire building lights up in white with a Porsche logo in the centre, followed by the final animation to conclude the show.

What an incredible 2 minutes and 49 seconds of video.

AutoNews Australia

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