Nissan Leaf crowned as the most reliable used electric vehicle

Second-hand EV’s may soon sound like an encouraging possibility.

In a recent study carried out by Warrantywise, one of Britain’s most well-known warranty companies, the Nissan LEAF was given the title of the most reliable electric vehicle.

The research looked at many aspects of reliability, including repair frequency, common known faults, cost of repair and age at the time of repairs, tracking individual cars throughout their life. Cars of a similar class powered by internal combustion engines took the icing on the cake when it came to overall winners, briging the LEAF down to 7th overall place, but in the electric category, the LEAF truly stood out as the most capable EV to stand the test of time.

Not only is LEAF a brilliant choice as a new car but it’s a vehicle that truly stands the test of time and delivers many years of trouble-free, low-cost and emission-free motoring.’


Along with being crowned the most reliable electric vehicle by Warrantywise, the LEAF was also positioned as a Which? Magazine’s 2020 “Best Buy” as part of their reliability survey.

Additionally, both generations of LEAF were recently given the title of “Electric Car of the Year” in their subsequent categories by What Car? as part of the magazine’s 2021 Used Car of the Year Awards.

A report by Warrantywise detailed that “scepticism surrounding the reliability and powertrain longevity of EV technology – particularly the ability of the batteries to consistently hold full charging capacity – has been a concern in the early uptake of plug-in electric vehicles. .. It is really encouraging to see that the major EV components, such as the powertrain, outperform petrol and diesel counterparts after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Overall numbers of repairs and the severity and complexity of them are encouragingly low for anyone eyeing up a second-hand EV bargain.”

AutoNews Australia

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