Next generation McLaren sport series will be built on the first new platform since the MP4-12C

And it comes to replace the brand’s current 570 lineup.

Images of the upcoming sport series McLaren in camouflage have been out for a little while now, but Autocar recently reported that the replacement for the ‘entry-level’ 540C, 570S, 570GT and 600LT will have an output “well in excess of 600 hp [447kW].” Torque will also receive a substantial increase thanks to the electric motors, resulting in a new benchmark for entry-level performance – well exceeding the current 570S’ output of 419kW (562hp) and 600Nm.

The new entry supercar will be the latest car to join the downsizing trend, ditching the ubiquitous 3.8L twin-turbo V8 for a new hybrid twin-turbo V6, delivering “astonishing levels of performance and a uniquely intense driving experience.”

Along with the new engine; for the first time since the original MP4-12C’s launch in 2011, the next generation sport series McLaren will be completely re-engineered, making it a truly all-new series production car.

Few details have been made available, however we do know that the upcoming supercar will be able to run up to 32 kilometres in all-electric mode. The weight from the batteries and electric motors are expected to increase curb weight of the car to around 1500kg, but McLaren’s CEO Mike Flewitt has been frank in stating that the added weight will be minute when it comes to affecting performance. This is thanks-in-part to the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Achitecture (MCLA), replacing the older Monocell carbon tub that made its first appearance in the original MP4-12C.

Launching in early 2021, pricing is expected to sharply increase from the entry level 570S – which currently sits at £145 305 in the UK, $192,500 USD in the US, and $395,000 AUD in Australia.

AutoNews Australia

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