This render displays what modern day Lancia could have been

Unfortunately, Lancia is now just a mere shadow of its former self.

The Lancia Stratos was a coupe born during the golden days of rallying, coming before the astonishing 037 and shortly after the iconic front-wheel drive Fulvia. Unfortunately, present day Lancia is nothing but a shadow of its past, with a line-up consisting of nothing but a small hatchback sold in the Italian domestic market. It all seems rather unfathomable after decades of motorsport heritage.

The Stratos had a signature short wheelbase and twitchy drive, which was quite common for a Lancia car. Many secondary manufacturers have attempted to replicate Lancia’s past, from custom built resto-modded Deltas to Manifattura Automobili Torino’s ‘New Stratos’; a re-bodied F430 with original Ferrari running gear.

Credit: Instagram – Guilherme Araujo

The latest attempt to redesign an iconic Lancia comes in the form of a render by instagram user and independent artist, Guilherme Araujo. He’s called it the Lancia L Concept Homage, and is supposedly inspired by both the original Stratos and the wedge-shaped 1970 Stratos Zero Concept car.

Triangular headlights and aggressive stuck-up fenders are the highlights of the front, resembling and modernising that iconic shape of the Stratos, but made to look much more menacing.

Credit: Instagram – Guilherme Araujo

The iconic round tail-lights from the Stratos have been adapted into the sharp rear-end, and a noticably massive rear splitter strikes attention like no-other car around. We do question the road-legality of this Stratos render if it were to come into fruition however, as the rear wheels are completely exposed from the back – again a very uncommon design feature to see.

Credit: Instagram – Guilherme Araujo

Aerodynamics is the primary name of the L Concept Homage, with a visible open channel pertruding under the car from the sides, right to the nose, leaving just enough room (we hope) for the front axle-shafts. A Bertone logo is plastered over the rear quarter panel, and also finds itself etched into the inverse five-spoke wheels.

Credit: Instagram – Guilherme Araujo

No engine or drivetrain has been listed, but we can assume that if put into production, this would likely be rear-wheel drive, and perhaps powered by a similar sized V6 to the original Stratos – alternatively a full-electric powertain.

The artist states that “this is my interpretation of a sports car for the brand in today’s world, keeping the heritage but exploring new possibilities of the wedge shapes and simple graphics.”

You can find the original Instagram post below

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