Ford China’s new sculpture gives us a glimpse of the future

It resembles a floating car, and it showcases Ford China’s future design language.

Ford brought a few upcoming SUV models to the Beijing Motor Show just last week, including the Explorer, Raptor, and the highly anticipated Mustang Mach-E; and although the marque didn’t unveil any new cars or concepts at the show, they did introduce something rather different to the norm.

This sculpture is the result of a design study conducted by Ford China, based on their new philosophy called ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’.

The front end resembles that of a Ford Mustang, trailing off to the roof-line before disappearing into a freestanding sweptail rear-end (or lack of). When compared to a current generation Mustang however, the grille is larger and the headlights are sharper which the marque states “demonstrates a pioneering design with Chinese aesthetics and interprets Ford’s future product design direction from the commanding, responsive and agile dimensions.”

The car supposedly previews Ford China’s future design language – offering a taste of Ford’s upcoming design centre in Shanghai, set to commence operations in October 2020 to create “the best of Ford, the best of China”.

This centre will be the heart of design for nation-specific models as part of a renewal push towards Ford’s revival in China, as poor sales in recent years have seen a decline in the company’s popularity in their second largest market worldwide.

Turning over nearly 568,000 cars in 2019, the company has been slowly passing its recent sales slump of under 384,000 in the year prior – and the Focus based Ford Escort remains the best-selling model.

AutoNews Australia

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