Rumour: Upcoming Honda NSX Type R and Spider

New reports emerging from Japan detail two upcoming NSX variants.

The Honda/Acura NSX was revealed in 2016 after numerous concept cars and rumours from years earlier, and ever since it’s debut, rumours have remained in circulation. The subject of this new gossip however have been about possible convertible and Type R variants, but despite the tittle-tattle, no one has ever received official confirmation about either of these. Acura, Honda’s luxury division, has previously stated that the NSX in its current form is sufficient to serve as the brand halo for marketing, and didn’t elaborate further on future variants.

Although rumours have been a dime a dozen, a new word on the street from Japan gives us the confidence to say that Honda may indeed be secretly planning an NSX Type R and NSX Spider.

‘Best Car’, a local Japanese car publication has provided information from an unknown source about a Type R variant arriving as early as October 2021, with a beefed up engine from the standard NSX. No information is available regarding the hybrid system, however reports claim that the new output will total 478kW (641hp), which is a resonable jump in performance from the current NSX’s 427kW (573hp).

It’s likely that along with a power bump, the Type R variant will receive the usual Type R treatment, including a larger rear spoiler, larger brakes, weight savings, better aerodynamics and so on.

Honda could be borrowing some of this technology from their NSX GT3 race car, which weighs substantially less than the road car; nearly 500 kilograms lighter – and although we don’t expect a Type R to be anywhere near as light as the GT3 racer, perhaps some GT3 ideologies will be transfered over to the presumed hardcore road car.

An NSX Spider has already been previewed by Acura, where they produced a one-off concept car for the blockbuster ‘The Avengers’ film released eight years ago. If this comes to fruition, it will likely share the same powerplant as the hard-top NSX; and like most convertibles, it would likely be slower than it’s roofed sibling from added weight from structural strengthening.

Would you like to see an NSX Type R and NSX Spider?

AutoNews Australia

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