Take a look at these MSO colours for the McLaren Elva

Customers of the Ultimate Series roadster will be able to fully customise their order through virtual reality.

Using McLaren’s new state-of-the-art virtualiser, buyers of the Elva have been given the opportunity to use an exclusive virtual reality customiser – the first of its kind. This guarantees the buyer the ability to order their Elva in the exact specification they want delivered whilst having photo-realistic images rendered immediately.

Managers at Mclaren’s bespoke division – McLaren Special Operations (MSO) work with customers remotely using the McLaren Advanced Virtualiser (MAV) to aid in refining the spec of their Elva. This software was initally designed by McLaren for video game purposes, creating ultra-HD renders with an immediate effect.

Customers are able to interact with their virtual car; opening and closing doors and moving around to customise every aspect of the car. Bespoke exterior paints, highly detailed interior finishes and even minute details such as seat stiching can be customised and rendered to a copious degree of detail.

McLaren’s MSO division has released a series of 14 high-resolution visual themes titled ‘Explore’ and ‘Timeless’ for customers to gain inspiration on, with a few heritage liveries – and we think they all look absolutely stunning.

Which one’s your favourite?

AutoNews Australia

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