The next gen i30 N will be available with a dual-clutch gearbox

Hyundai releases first teaser images of the refreshed i30 N.

The i30 N was Hyundai’s first proper entry into the performance market in 2017 and has remained a great success for Hyundai’s brand image. Four years on, the i30 N will receive its first refresh for the early 2021 model year.

Starting on the design, the new i30 N will receive a redsigned front bumper which houses a larger grille and new V-shaped LED daytime lights. The lower front grille will receive a honeycomb treatment as opposed to the current lined design, and revised bumper lines and edges make for a sharper and more aggressive look.

In addition, the tail-light design has been changed to match the aggressive front, and new 19-inch wheels save over 14kg of unsprung mass when compared to the current i30 N. Hyundai states that the new design “makes the car look fast even when it is standing still.”

Following in the footsteps of the recently announced Veloster N which is only available in North America and South Korea, the i30 N will finally gain the eight-speed wet sump dual-clutch transmission. The new auto-box should significantly increase the 0-100km/h acceleration figure from the manual’s 6.1 seconds to just 5.6 seconds from it’s 202kW (270hp) 2.0 litre ‘Theta II’ four-cylinder engine.

Hyundai describes the new dual-clutch as having “video game-like features” which make the car more enjoyable and fun to drive, such as ‘N Grin Shift’ which increases torque from 353Nm to 378Nm on turbocharger overboost (manual also has overboost) and maximises transmission response for 20 seconds.

Another enhancement to driver enjoyment is ‘N Power Shift’ mode, which keeps the car in the torque band when above 90 percent throttle input is detected. Finally, ‘N Track Sense’ is able to detect driving conditions and pre-load gears as necessary in order to maximise performance.

No details have been announced on pricing for the dual-clutch N – however the manual will be priced at $40,990 AUD before on-roads, so expect the DCT to cost a little extra. The updated car will arrive on Australian shores in the first half of 2021.

AutoNews Australia

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