What in the name of Urus happened to this Honda Crosstour?

Well, they tried.

The Honda Crosstour has never been a good looking car. In fact, it is arguably one of the worst looking cars Honda has ever put into production. After unsurprisingly poor sales, the SUV coupe was laid to rest in 2016 – but this didn’t stop someone from trying to fix its design.

Well when I say fix – I mean make significantly worse.

Credit: Reddit user CoreyYoda

The front end is a horrible mix of sharp metals in tacky shapes – but the owner clearly did his best, evident from the car’s front design similarity to the Urus. The headlights are almost passable, so clearly, and attempt was made to mimic Lamborghini’s SUV.

In fact, the whole front end would nearly be passable if it weren’t for the monstrous fender flares, which are made from what looks like sheet metal (or cardboard, who knows). I’m not too sure how the flares would help with wind channeling – of how they would even stay on in heavy winds.

Credit: Reddit user CoreyYoda

I have a feeling that the owner ran out of effort by the time they got to the back half of the car, adding more sheet-metal (or cardboard) fender flares and a large rear mounted spoiler – which totally takes Urus out of the build. Did I mention the large chrome wheels? Those could be spotted from a mile away.

Oh well – if you’re in the Palm Springs area, be on the lookout for this Urus lookalike and you’ll know when its time to close your eyes.

I mean. At least they tried.

Actually nah, guys – I don’t recommend you to try this at home.

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