This stunning Callaway Corvette Twin Turbo was for sale in Arizona

Bidding ended at $40,250 USD.

Back in 1989, the Connecticut based Corvette tuner took the latest C4 Corvette and it’s 350ci V8 and heavily increased its power output. The twin-turbo Callaway was available from selected Chevy dealers between 1987 and 1991 called the ‘B2K’ – and it was an immense $26,995 USD option.

The main enhancement came in the form of Rotomaster twin-turbochargers, which pushed out an immense 382 horsepower and 562 lb-ft of torque – a 137 hp increase on the standard L98 engine in the Corvette. This made it more powerful than any Ferrari or Porsche that was on sale at the time in the United States – and only bowing down to the mighty 425 hp Lamborghini Countach.

This stunning Medium Blue Metallic example is currently listed on Bring A Trailer, chassis #02 of 68 made in 1989, and one of only 25 convertibles made that year.

The car has had two previous owners, the first whom purchased the car brand-new from a dealership in Denver, Colorado, and remained with the car for 2004. The second owner purchased the car in 2007, fitted a Callaway AeroBody kit and drove it a mere 150 miles over the last 13 years, ticking the odometer to just under 6,000 miles.

The interior shouts American late 80s style with bright blue seats, carpet and door trimmings; and the retro dash layout is tech-laden, with electrically adjustable seats, power windows and heated mirrors. A unique Callaway steering wheel sits in front of a classic digital instrument panel, with a Callaway boost gauge replacing an air conditioning vent.

If you want to see stunning example for yourself, you can find it on Bring A Trailer’s website here:

Turbo Tabloid America

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