Watch as a Mercedes hydroplanes and careers into a petrol station

That was almost well executed. Almost.

A Mercedes E-Class was caught on video doing what looked like a reverse-entry drift from the inside lane of the highway, merely missing a silver car before regaining control too late and careering into a petrol station.

This unique incident was captured on the United Kingdom’s A20 between Sidcup and Swanley, and was caused by a layer of water on the highway. The two-tonne luxury barge hydroplaned before the driver lost control of the rear-end and broke the car into a drift. It seemly maneuvered into the petrol station with finesse before lodging itself between the side of a fuel pump and a small pickup.

Honestly, if the pickup wasn’t there – with a bit of calculated recovery, he could’ve executed the world’s coolest reverse entry drift into a gas station. Perhaps just cut the end of the video out and you have a scene from a Hollywood film.

The accident was likely avoidable if the driver of the Mercedes drove to the conditions.

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