The right-hand drive Corvette is on its way

We will soon have RHD Corvettes for the Australian market.

Earlier this year, Chevrolet had supposedly stated that they would be cancelling their right-hand drive Corvette plans due to COVID-19 implications. The process for converting C8s from their natural left-hand drive setup to right-hand drive proved to be difficult and costly, thus wretched times deemed the project unviable. Another report has come in with an update on the project however, and this one is official.

During a recent presentation, chief engineer of the Corvette, Tadge Juechter was asked about the possibility of a RHD Corvette, and he replied “some of us are actually driving them around… We’ve built some and we’ll be doing some of our pre-production testing now in the US.”

Using Japan as a successful right-hand drive market, he stated that it had immediately sold out upon its Japanese debut at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year.

The car will be completely mirrored in a way that the experience is identical in every market, and Juechter explained that “we wanted them to have the same driver-focused interior and so what we actually did was tool-up all those unique parts that are kind of mirror shaped so that we can flip them over to the other side and it would just be an exact mirror of the rest of the world’s car, the left-hand drive cars.”

The C8 Corvette will be landing in Australia some time next year, which has been hinted at by product manager Harlan Charles – who said he particularly likes the upcoming Australian market Corvette because of it’s navigation system’s Australian accent.

Are you keen for a RHD C8 Corvette?

AutoNews Australia

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