Detailed spy photos of the upcoming M3 Touring

Here’s your best look yet at BMW’s upcoming performance estate.

Photos: DriveTribe

BMW has experimented with M3 estate cars over the years, but none have ever made it to production. However, in a few years time, wagon fans will finally be able buy the M3 of their dreams – the M3 Touring.

For those eagerly waiting for the upcoming high-performance wagon, here is your clearest and closest look at the car yet.

With many design elements carried over from the G21 3er, the differing factors are mostly the same as always – wider wheel arches, aggressive bumpers and quad-tipped exhausts, however the new M3 Touring like its sedan sibling will utilise the larger grille design from the new 4-Series for increased airflow.

The new M3 Touring will likely share the same powerplant as the M3 saloon and M4 coupe, a turbo straight-six dubbed the ‘S58’ which has been confirmed to produce 352kW (473hp) in the regular M3, and 375kW (503hp) in the competition variant.

The drivetrain is still unconfirmed, but we are likely to see base M3’s with rear-wheel drive, whilst higher trims will be offered with xDrive all-wheel drive with a RWD toggle switch akin to the new M5.

While the new M3 saloon will be available in both automatic and manual variants, we’re unsure if the touring will be available in manual, as details are still unclear.

Although we expect it to be heavier than its sedan sibling, BMW states that new Touring will be the best in its category, with class-leading precision and entertainment.

We think its a bold decision for BMW to make an M3 estate car after over 30 years of M3, and an even bolder decision to go against controversy to implement the large grille design that a lot of people despise – but it also tells us that BMW aren’t afraid to change things up a bit.

What do you think?

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