Mercedes is offering nothing, and we’re confused

Maybe they should have thought that one through a little better…

Mercedes-Benz Australia has come up with a new promotional offer, and it has us quite confused.

Aimed at providing a limited service where Mercedes-Benz Financial covers up to 3 months or a value of $4,500 on a new car, the brand gives customers a hassle free purchase opportunity for a new Mercedes-Benz.

The offer, labelled ‘enjoy nothing’ and ‘the best is nothing’ has us a little puzzled.

As you may know, Mercedes-Benz’s slogan has always been ‘the best or nothing’, so we we can’t help but question the paradox.

The age-old slogan ‘the best or nothing’ implies that their cars are ‘the best’, which further suggests that nothing of lower quality is acceptable – however the new campaign seemingly contradicts this by asking customers to ‘enjoy nothing’, even specifically tell people to ‘enjoy nothing at your Mercedes-Benz retailer today’.

Is the best now nothing?

Is Mercedes saying that their cars are nothing? If so, what’s the best?

Perhaps the best is nothing – but in that case, your choice is either nothing or nothing, unless something else is the best…

Also, is there nothing at the local Mercedes-Benz retailer?

And are customers prompted to walk into their local retailer for nothing?

Wait, we’re even more confused now.

Mercedes Australia states that the offer only applies to a new or demonstrator A-class sedan, CLA, C-class, CLS or E-Class. Offer ends September 30th.

Want to see it for yourself?

Click here to see the offer on the Mercedes-Benz website.

AutoNews Australia

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