A full-carbon Lotus based supercar is on its way

Made by Jubu Performance in Austria, there are plans to turn this relentless GT2 racer into a 552kW (740hp) road-legal supercar.

The brains behind the idea is Austrian man Martin Jung, founder of Jubu Performance GmbH in 2004, with the goal of specialising in the servicing and tuning of British sports cars Lotus and Caterham. Jung had a dream of being able to drive a car that boasted incredible performance and dynamics without the immense servicing and maintenance cost, and as a result – this was created.

Say hello to the company’s stunning JP Zero, a car based on the Lotus Exige and powered by a 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 that produces between 306 to 455kW (410 to 610hp) of power at 7,200rpm. The variable power is switched via a mode toggle switch in the cabin.

Three versions will be available to buyers, starting with the ZEROrace and ZEROtrack – however for those who prefer to take their fast cars onto the road, an exciting to-be-revealed ZEROstreet will be available, which will fully comply with road regulations.

In street trim, the JP Zero will be amped up to a monstrous 552kW (740hp) which we expect will provide incredibly fast acceleration and high performance figures – and sound phenomenal whilst doing so. We can’t tell you the power-to-weight ratio just yet as we only have a trickle of information on ZEROstreet, but we’re expecting it to be a jaw-dropper in style and light-weight, as the race version looks stunning and weighs just 960kg.

To control the extreme power output, a seven-speed DCT is fitted – and it isn’t borrowed from any other mass-market gearbox manufacturer. Specifically designed for the JP Zero, the company states that “this was one of our greatest achievements during the project”, as it features a dedicated manual mode which is able to change to automatic at the flick of a switch. More importantly, the gearbox is extremely robust and reliable, supposedly withstanding over 100 hours of intense track driving without any major issues.

The two track variants of the JP Zero will begin their deliveries in 2021 with a price of around 249,000 euros (410,000 AUD), with 40 planned on being made (20 ZEROtrack, 20 ZEROrace).

The arguably more exciting street version will be available in 2022, however being able to take it off the race track will entail a much higher cost, predicted to be around 650,000 euros (1 million AUD). Production for the ZEROstreet will be 20 units, so you’ll have to be quite lucky to see one in the wild.

AutoNews Australia

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