This is a Bronco Ford needs to build

C’mon Ford, we know you want to.

For those fans of the Ford Bronco, you’ve all heard of Rod Hall and his legendary career in off-roading. In events that we now know as the Baja 1000, Hall participated in fifty desert races, taking out class victories in 25 of the events thoughout his life. One of his major victories was in 1969, as he piloted a Ford Bronco through Baja California from Ensenada to La Paz, setting it in the history books as the first and only four-wheel drive that has ever won Baja 1000.

Rod Hall & the Baja winning Bronco

The production of the original Bronco began in the early sixties, and after five generations of Bronco, the nameplate was retired in 1996.

After a 25 year break, Ford has finally decided to bring back the Bronco name for 2021, and much to everyone’s surprise, it shares many design elements with the original Bronco, making die-hard enthuasists and lovers of the nameplate ecstatic – so it was only a matter of time before someone took it upon themselves to render a brand new Bronco based on the original Baja icon.

Meet Abimelec Design’s incredible modern take on Rod Hall’s winning Bronco, fitted with striking colours to match the livery of the original. With equivalent KC rally lights and a spare tyre mounted in the rear, the designer has gone the extra mile to match the original Baja Bronco’s style, whilst keeping it visibly road legal with modifications such as deciding to retain the rear bumper and wing mirrors.

Render: Abimelec Design

Abimelec Design has even matched the car with a whopping cross-plane 5.2L ‘Predator’ V8 engine, which in the latest GT500 makes an immense 567kW (760hp) of power and 847Nm (625 lb-ft) of torque. The engine rockets the Mustang from 0-97km/h (0-60mph) in a head-snapping 3.6 seconds, so imagine the chaos this Bronco could cause both on and off-road.

It’s a recipe for a monumentally fast and infinitely cool Bronco, and it doesn’t get more American than that.

Ford Bronco R prototype

Ford has already tested a new Bronco prototype at the Baja 1000 dubbed the Bronco R, which is allegedly powered by the company’s halo 3.5L EcoBoost V6, however it experienced many problems along the way, leading to a fairly poor performance in the event.

Although Ford still needs to perfect their competition version, it’s clear that they have their eyes set on a Baja Bronco once again. This gives us hope that a few special production editions could be made along the way – and what better way to do it than to acknowledge the company’s off-roading past, remaking and paying hommage to Rod Hall’s winning Bronco in 1969 (and putting a V8 in for the fans).

AutoNews Australia

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