AMG Project ONE – one step closer to production

AMG states that the highly anticipated Project ONE hypercar has entered a new testing stage.

The project first caught the public eye in 2017, when Mercedes-AMG unveiled a concept Project ONE at the International Motor Show Germany, featuring Formula One technology in a road car, however, its a project that has since left the attention of keen car enthusiasts after development delays time and again.

Bringing it back in the spotlight again, AMG has announced that their AMG Project ONE hypercar is close to production, as it enters the next testing phase – featuring the finalised engine.

AMG states that several pre-production units are now making their way around the company’s private test track in Immendingen, putting the car’s mathematical and calculated engineering into real world practice. For the first time ever, the full electric system is being tested together with the petrol motor, unleashing the car’s maximum 735kW (1000 hp) output onto smooth tarmac.

Active aerodynamics and wind channeling vents are also being carefully monitored and adjusted as necessary, further refining the ONE’s real world abilities outside of the wind tunnel.

Mercedes-AMG’s goal of achieving Formula 1 levels of driving dynamics and performance for a reliable road car aims to set a new benchmark for the hypercar and a new milestone in automotive history, but has been previously delayed by extremely difficult hurdles from making the car reliable enough for everyday use to adding a full-electric drive mode.

In the near future, AMG will be taking its tests off the private track and onto the Nürburgring north loop.

AutoNews Australia

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