Honda updates the Civic Type R for Australia

It can now give you a score for your driving ability.

The FK8 Type R was a popular choice for enthusiasts when it hit the market in 2017, winning a number of car awards in Australia upon arrival. Now, a minor facelift has been announced, bringing changes to the high performance Civic’s exterior and dynamics, including it’s ride quality, handling, cooling and braking system.

Honda’s Active Damper System (ADS) is now ten times faster than before, which seeks to improve ride quality and handling, and re-engineered bushings and ball joints make for a sharper steering feel.

Cooling has been improved by utilising a larger grille which gives the car a 13 percent larger air-intake opening, which paired with a new radiator core – decreases coolant temperature by up to 10 degrees celsius during spirited driving.

For braking, new two-piece fade-resistant brakes have been fitted to improve stopping ability over longer periods of time.

A new seven-inch touchscreen integrates new active monitoring systems, and the addition of a new feature that enhances engine sound during sport and +R modes gives the driver a more visceral experience.

Finally, a new ‘LogR’ data logging software has been fitted uniquely to the new Type R, which gives the driver the ability to transfer onboard computer and sensor data to a smartphone application to help monitor and record precise information about the car’s performance. This can also be viewed live on the new touchscreen display.

The LogR system can also track GPS location, acceleration, braking and cornering variables, which provides performance feedback for the driver. It also keeps a record of previous figures, and gives the driver a score for their driving at any particular time, which can be helpful for future driving improvement.

The scoring works by tracking the car’s ‘track’ via GPS, and then monitoring and collecting data for acceleration, braking, turning and straight-line driving, before collating them together for one final ‘smoothness of driving’ score.

However, Honda states that this feature seeks to improve daily driving over time, and is not made for setting fast lap times.

The updated Type R will be available in Australia from October the 1st, with a base price of $54,990.

AutoNews Australia

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