Bugatti Chiron collides with Porsche 911 in Switzerland

A Mercedes and a campervan were also involved.

Photo Credit: @rainierjohnson

Switzerland’s beautiful Gotthard pass, a maze of twisty roads amongst the beautiful Swiss Alps – perfect for a nice day out in a fast car. Unfortunately for a few motorists, the nice day out turned into a very expensive trip for the insurance company.

It’s easy to get frustrated behind slow cars when you’re trying to enjoy an open road – and that’s precisely what happened here. The Bugatti Chiron reportedly pulled out to overtake a long line of slow traffic, however the Porsche driver had the same idea at the same time, supposedly pulling out in front of the Chiron and resulting in a nasty and very expensive collision.

According to reports, the initial collision threw the two performance cars into the back of a Mercedes estate, clipping a campervan in the process. It’s unclear who was responsible for the accident.

No one sustained life-threatening injuries, however at least one person was taken to hospital for treatment.

AutoNews Australia

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