Hyundai Kona sets new electric range record

Range anxiety may soon be a thing of the past.

Over the course of three extensive days of testing in Lausitzring, Germany, three electric Hyundai SUV’s managed their goal of exceeding 1,000km on a single charge, raising the bar for the electric car.

With a standard battery capacity of 64kWh and running on completely factory setups including standard Nexen tyres, the trio ran a record breaking 1,018.7, 1024.1 and 1026 kilometres, setting the record for total distance travelled on a mass-produced electric car and smashing the current long-range champion, the Tesla Model Y by over 500 kilometres. The Kona also sets the record for low power consumption, averaging as low as 6.24kWh per 100km – using significantly less than the standardised 14.7kWh figure.

To achieve this figure, all in-car amenities were switched off such as air-conditioning and entertainment displays, however daytime running lights remained on to comply with European road traffic laws. The test ran for 35 hours with multiple driver changes, averaging between 29 and 31 kilometres per hour, and was closely monitored by a European vehicle inspection company.

This successful test proves tough competition for its rivals, as Hyundai steps further towards its goal of becoming a global leader of electric powered cars by 2025.

AutoNews Australia

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