Ranger boss appointed as new Ford Australia CEO

With record breaking ute sales, Ford Australia’s leadership has been passed onto the current director of the Ranger program.

As former CEO of Ford Australia, Kay Hart moves up the ladder and over to the UK, the organisation has appointed new director. With over 25 years of experience working for Ford, Andrew Birkic has recently been put in charge of the Ford Ranger, which currently stands as Australia’s second most popular car, after the Toyota HiLux – selling over 40,000 vehicles in 2019.

Previous to his role working with the Ranger and also the Everest, Birkic worked in many different departments within the Ford Motor Company, starting his career in January of 1993. Working his way up through the organisation, Birkic moved to Shanghai in 2013 to take the director position of ‘Dealer Development and Consumer Experience’ in the Asia-Pacific region, then onto Detroit in 2016 as the ‘Global Advanced Consumer Experience Platforms Manager’ for the company.

Since returning to Australia in 2018 to work with the Everest and Ranger models, Birkic stated that he was “thrilled to be re-joining the fantastic team in Australia and New Zealand”. The Australian Ford branch has been left in a good position for it’s soon-to-be-released new Ranger, which we expect will be arriving in 2021.

AutoNews Australia

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