Skoda students style a sporty speedster: the Scala-based Slavia

Is that enough S’s?

At Skoda’s training grounds in Mladá Boleslav, an annual design event is held in which a group of interns are challenged with the task of designing their idea of a dream car. This year, a group of 31 simply clever students have come up with a hatchback-based convertible which they believe would satisfy the driving enjoyment needs for everyone.

But before you read further on, know that this is a one-off and is unlikely to make it to production.

Designed with the 1957 1100 OHC prototype in mind, the Slavia is a modern take on Skoda’s two-seater sports car, and with the backbone of the production Scala hatchback, a small, nimble and fun looking roadster has been created.

Taking the Scala’s hatched back design, students have cut off the roof, fuzed the rear doors, and removed any sign of practicality. Although this may look relatively straightforward, students had particular difficulty in reinforcing the underside and chassis stiffness after removing the roof structure.

To improve performance, parts have been drawn from the Octavia RS, and 20″ wheels have been acquired from the Kodiaq RS. The powertrain is left relatively untouched from the Scala hatchback, retaining the 110kW (148hp) 1.5L TSI engine and a 7-speed dual-clutch DSG.

Steering and most interior parts have also been transferred from the hatch. Differing features include Sparco bucket seats with four-point harnesses, and in a somewhat questionable effort to detract from the low weight, a 2250W sound system has been installed for when the driver wants to pump some loud tunes.

Marking the 125th anniversary of the brand, we can only beg – please put this one into production, Skoda.

AutoNews Australia

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