Every 3 Series M Coup​é with BMW’s 4er style kidney grille

A quick and fun Photoshop session led to this.

As you may have already heard, BMW’s new G22 4 Series Coupe has recently been announced, featuring a rather controversial new kidney grille design. This made us wonder… What if every predecessor to the new 4er Coupe featured this grille? We’re not great with Photoshop, so you can scald us in the comments if you must, but anyway – enjoy.

BMW 2002 Turbo

A quick history lesson will teach you that it all started with large kidney grilles. As the years went by, the grilles became smaller, and the 02 Series released in 1966 with miniscule kidneys. We think BMW could have pulled this design off, as it we don’t think it looks too bad.

BMW M3 (E30)

The E30 M3, a 4-cylinder icon and an icon for all petrolheads alike. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you like this design or not.

BMW M3 (E36)

The underrated E36 M3. A drivers car from the year 1992, the E36 had its spotlight stolen by its successor, and never recieved the praise like it’s predecessor did. First featuring wider kidneys, the E36 took BMW out of the classic years and into the retro future. We’re a little unsure about this photoshopped grille design.

BMW M3 (E46)

The incredible M3 CSL pictured here is the dream car for all BMW fanatics. The E46 is still an extremely well regarded generation of BMW 3er, and still to this day recieves much praise for it’s timeless styling and performance. With this grille however, it may have been more controversial.

BMW M3 (E92)

Past the retro and early-modern times of BMW, the E92 brought coupé styling to a new level, rounding off the kidney grille and fitting the largest engine ever to be found in a production M3. We’re a huge fan of the E92, however we’re not a fan of these large photoshopped grilles.

BMW M4 (F82)

The latest Coupé M car following the footsteps of the previous M3s. Although it was a direct successor to the previous M3, the new Coupé paved change for BMW. With a new name and a turbocharged engine, the M4 bustled BMW into the technological age, and set a new benchmark for luxury and performance. This photoshopped grille design looks quite similar to what you’re about to see next.

BMW M440i (G22)

No photoshopping required here. This is the upcoming BMW M440i – featuring large avant-garde kidneys and a very controversial fanbase.


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