Cancelled: Targa Tasmania 2020

The world’s longest tarmac rally has been cancelled this year, due to COVID-19 concerns.

The longest tarmac rally in the world, Targa Tasmania is a gruelling six-day race event that takes racers from across Australia on a journey around the island state of Tasmania. A 2,000 kilometre event taking place across some of the world’s most beautiful roads, this year will mark the first time ever it’ll have ever been cancelled in its 28 year history.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X gets air near Cygnet

A full-on action packed event, Targa Tasmania runs between mountains, deep rainforests, suburban streets and even over a decomissioned gold mine, proving to be not only the largest, but one of the most intense road rallies to exist.

Intense means there are accidents. Very expensive accidents. From a Ferrari F40 running off the road in the 90’s, to fatal accidents throughout its history, Targa Tasmania is very unforgiving and through all weather condition, drivers must persevere – through rain, fog and hail.

Supercar tour at Symmons Plains


After careful consideration for the health and welfare of everyone involved in TARGA Tasmania, but more importantly, the 500,000 plus people who call Tasmania home, we announce the cancellation of this year’s TARGA Tasmania event, which was due to be held from 27th April to 2nd May.

Given the uniqueness of TARGA, an event which visits all corners of the island, we felt that the health risk to the Tasmanian community of conducting our iconic rally was too great based on sound advice from a number of experts.

Whilst it is sad news that for the first time in its history, dating back to 1992, TARGA Tasmania will not be run, we are already focusing on the future and staging the 29th edition of TARGA Tasmania in 2021 followed by the 30th Anniversary event, which will now be held in 2022.

Source: Targa Tasmania

C63 AMG Black Series – George Town Street Stage

We’re not going to dive too much into COVID-19 but cancelling the event was ultimately for the better. Are you sad to hear the news?

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