A new Citroën flagship: The DS 9

A rival to the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-Series, this is France’s new midsize luxury saloon.

First announced in 2009, Citroën’s premium sub-brand ‘DS’ was created to promote luxury Citroën vehicles to compete in a premium segment. With a name based on the original Citroën DS made between 1955 and 1975, Citroën branded their new DS cars with a newly designed DS badge on the rear, but retained the front Citroën style grille and logo. DS became a standalone nameplate in 2015 with a rebrand to “DS Automobiles”, and it eliminated the presence of the Citroën logo from DS cars.

Soon to be taking the flagship spot in the DS Automobiles lineup is the newly announced DS 9. Based on Peugeot’s 508 long-wheelbase, the new DS 9 shows similarities in design and form to it’s Peugeot sister, but packs a feature-laden package which proves to be a fair bit more premium than the 508.

On launch, the new DS 9 will be available solely with a 168kW (225hp) 1.2L turbo 3-cylinder with an E-TENSE hybrid system running through the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic, but various powertrains and options will be available soon-after. As far as we know, this includes a whopping 268kW (360hp) all-wheel drive variant.

One thing the French are well-known for are quirky designs and interiors – and the inside of the new DS 9 doesn’t disappoint. The new flagship will come with a multitude of features, with some impressive technology including level 2 autonomy with park assist, active sensing suspension, and a ‘DS Safety’ pack which includes night vision, traffic sign recognition, attention monitoring, and an intelligent headlight system. You are also able to use your phone as a car key with DS Smart Access, and the Tesla-like door handles retract flush with the bodywork when they’re not being used.

AutoNews Australia

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