An unfortunate parking mishap in Hobart

Going viral on Facebook is this photo of a 2016 Nissan GT-R, shared to a local ‘Parking Fails’ group of… a parking fail.

As you may know, Nissan’s iconic GT-R isn’t an affordable car, especially in Australia. And if you know a thing or two about Australia, you’d probably understand that Tasmania (the Island state) however beautiful – it isn’t a place where you’d really expect to see unique and exotic local cars. This means that news about nice cars spreads quite quickly among the community.

This facelift Nissan GT-R, with an starting price of $189,000 AUD (£98,000 GBP or $127,000 USD respectively), faced an unfortunate circumstance in Tasmania’s capital of Hobart – and originally posted to a local Facebook Group, the image has managed to escape the state and is going viral across the country, with many people quick to comment on the parking ability of the owner.

From afar it may look as if the car hadn’t made contact with the structure, however upon closer inspection, it resembles clear contact with the wall. We’re hoping for the owner that the marks rub off with some scratch-remover, otherwise it won’t be a cheap trip to the repair shop!

A simple mistake can cost you a lot of reputation. It mustn’t be too easy living with a unique car…

AutoNews Australia

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