Model 3 deliveries delayed due to Wuhan coronavirus

The Tesla factory in Shanghai has reopened after a closure amid Coronavirus fears. Deliveries scheduled for February are expected to be delayed.

A deadly virus that has infected 60,000 and killed 1,368 people, 2019-nCoV has rapidly spread across mainland China and infected people from around the globe. Due to the health crisis, China’s government has taken drastic action by putting entire cities into lockdown, and closing roads and workplaces – one such being Tesla’s brand-new Shanghai plant.

A temporary forced closure ordered by the Chinese government two weeks ago, the factory re-opened production on Monday to catch up on the setback, so Tesla has announced customers should expect a one to one-and-a-half week delay on some deliveries.

Built recently, Shanghai’s Tesla Gigafactory still only provides a minor contribution towards profitability as only Chinese made Model 3’s will be affected, but Tesla’s shares fell 17.18% after announcing the delays last wednesday – making it the second worst day for Tesla, second only to a 19.3% drop in 2012.

Some have critisized Elon Musk for endangering the lives of factory workers by resuming plant operations during the outbreak – calling it an ‘immoral’ selfish strategy to keep Tesla’s confident stocks rising (a contrast to other American conglomerates and companies such as Starbucks and Apple, whom have all reduced their activity in China). Shanghai’s government did however announce last week that they would be assisting companies in resuming operations as soon as possible, and we expect there would be heavy quarantine measures in place at the gigafactory.

Either way, if you’re a customer waiting for your Model 3 to be delivered, be patient – the delay won’t be long.

AutoNews Australia

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