New South Wales in-car phone users, listen up!

Mobile phone detection cameras are being rolled out across NSW this Sunday, December the 1st.

Earlier this year, the New South Wales Police announced that they were going to be turning on newly-installed mobile phone detection cameras in late 2019, and they have finally announced that day to be this coming sunday. In 2018, the decision was delayed whilst the legislation was changed to incorporate allowing authorities to take photos of drivers of motor vehicles.

According to NSW Police, the statistic for fatal crashes due to mobile phone use is around 30%, so with the road toll this year totalling 329 so far, that works out to be around 100 deaths each year that could have been prevented if motorists didn’t use their mobile phones.

For the initial three month period, drivers caught using their phone while driving will be issued a warning notice, but after the three month period ends, fines of $344, or $457 in a school zone will be imposed, with 5 demerit points attached.

Both fixed and temporary cameras will be placed at 45 different locations.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid getting caught by these cameras:

The law in NSW for mobile phone use while driving – NSW Transport

Learners and Provisional drivers are not allowed to use their mobile phone in any way at any time.

Are you in favour of the new cameras?

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